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# blazor-workshop
Blazor workshop
1. Intro
- Who are we?
- Machine setup
- Syllabus
- What is Blazor/WebAssembly?
- Roadmap explanation
1. Components + layout
- Clone repo with ready made backend
- Setup store branding
- Create layout and home page
- Fetch specials list from backend
- Display list of pizza names
- Pizza card component (no templates yet)
- Parameters: Pizza object
1. Handling UI events & data binding
- Clickable pizza cards
- Cover `@page`
- Pizza customization
- Price updated based on selections
- Place order button, sends order to the backend
- Confirmation screen
1. DI
- Create a service for interacting with the backend, repository abstraction
- Refactor HttpClient code to use service instead
- Talk to DI scopes
1. JS interop
- Add order status
- Real status (map location, time to delivery) via polling
- JS interop for the map
- Add payment via browser payment API
End Day 1
1. Templated components
- Refactor the specials page
- Generic components
1. Authentication & authorization
- See status after leaving site
- Cascading parameters
- Use some form of thing-that-you-do auth
- Maybe talk to updated guidance for SPA token based auth?
1. Publish & deployment
- Publish to Azure
1. Razor Components
- See if we can make flipping it to server-side reasonably trivial
1. Component libraries
- Make a Google Maps components so others can use it
- Consider using SignalR library?
1. Component internals
- Lifecycle events
- Render tree
- StateHasChanged
- Configuring the linker (i.e. how to turn it off, pointer to docs)
1. Q&A
Today we will build:
- Pizza store
- Order status and map
- Specials page
- Ordering page
- No cart, just one pizza per order
- Use browser payment apis
- Login
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