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......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ Welcome to the Blazor app building workshop!
Blazor is an experimental single-page app framework for building client-side web apps using .NET and WebAssembly. In this workshop we will build a complete Blazor app and learn about the various Blazor framework features along the way.
Go ahead and [get started](/docs/00-get-started)!
Go ahead and [get started](/docs/00-get-started.md)!
## Sessions
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ Go ahead and [get started](/docs/00-get-started)!
| ----- | ---- |
| [Session #0](/docs/00-get-started.md) | Get bits installed and build your first Blazor app |
| [Session #1](/docs/01-components-and-layout.md) | Get started with components, create the app layout |
| [Session #2](/docs/02-events-and-data-binding.md) | Add customized pizzas to orders |
| [Session #2](/docs/02-customize-a-pizza.md) | Add customized pizzas to orders |
| [Session #3](/docs/03-show-order-status.md) | Show order status |
| [Session #4](/docs/04-refactor-state-management.md) | Using dependency injection to track application state |
| [Session #5](/docs/05-authentication-and-authorization.md) | Authenticate users and authorize access to order status |
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